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World Leisure International Innovation Prize

The World Leisure Innovation Prize seeks to recognize organizations that have implemented creative solutions that foster local, national or international leisure opportunities for the benefit and development of individuals and communities. Leisure is considered in its broadest sense including play, recreation, the arts and culture, sports, festivals and celebrations, health and fitness, or travel and tourism. It encompasses indoor or outdoor programs, services and amenities.

A major component that distinguishes the World Leisure Innovation Prize from other awards is that is focuses on the social and cultural aspects of leisure as an aspect of the lived experience for individuals in a community and for visitors to the community. The Prize represents the use of leisure as a creative solution to enhancing collectively the social, cultural, environmental, and economic quality of life in an area.

Criteria for Selection
* Project has been in operation for two years or more;
* Applicant demonstrates originality and creativity in the project;
* Objectives of the project are clearly stated with evidence that they have been met;
* The project is of high quality:
* Project contributes to promoting the social, cultural, economic, and/or environmental quality of the community;
* Project demonstrates how leisure contributes to the quality of life of citizens and visitors (if appropriate); and
* Evidence is described for the long term sustainability of the project.

2010 Key Innovation Criteria
In the current economic climate the Prize Committee will give greater consideration to projects that:
* Have demonstrated responsiveness to major changes in their economic environment
* Are low budget projects which can be developed or replicated elsewhere.

Selection Procedures
Applications will be evaluated on:
* Innovation;
* Description of the objectives of the project and clear evidence that the project has been successful;
* Quality;
* Community involvement;
* Impact on participants; and
* Demonstration of sustainability.

Originality, creativity, and innovation should be demonstrated related to process (vision, management and communications), resources (financial viability and human such as volunteers), partnerships and community involvement, outputs (program, events and amenities) and outcomes.
Further, the project should be “inspirational” or demonstrate a “feel good” factor. Innovation may mean a new idea or it may mean finding creative solutions through leisure to existing problems and issues.
Innovations must demonstrate more than a quality program. In addition, applicants must demonstrate that their project does not exist elsewhere but it could be potentially adapted to other situations.

Nomination file should include:
* Name of organization and full contact details;
* Name of principal contact or representative;
* Title of project; and
* A written statement of not more than 1500 words that addresses the 6 criteria for selection listed below.

Recognition/Benefits to the Recipient
Winning applicants will receive special recognition and a physical symbol/statue reflecting the unique social, cultural characteristics of the physical, cultural or social geography of the location of the World Leisure Congress where the prize is presented. The symbol is affectionately known as a “George” award in honor of George Torkildsen who was the first panel chair until his untimely death. A representative from each winning organization will have their travel, accommodation expenses and delegate fee paid to the Congress.
A “highly commendable” certificate may be given to other projects but they will not be compensated to attend the Congress. World Leisure Prize winners will be notified by July 1 preceding the World Leisure Congress.

2010 International Innovation Prize Committee Members
Ian Cooper (Chair) has extensive executive level culture and sport services operational experience in both the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas. He also has lengthy leisure management consultancy experience with UK blue chip companies. Currently he is working with municipal authorities to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of culture and sport in delivering local outcomes through local services. He is an executive committee member of the UK based Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association (CLOA). Ian is also a member of the 2010 World Leisure Games Organising Committee to be held in ChunCheon , Korea.

Karla Henderson is professor in the Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University. She has also been on the faculty at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin and Texas Woman’s University and has served as president of SPRE, president of the AAHPERD Research Consortium, President of the Academy of Leisure Sciences and on state, national and international boards.

Fu Lei is the President of Beijing Tonghe Tourism Planning and Research Institute, researcher of Tourism Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and President of Resource Council of China Travel Culture Resource Development Advance Association. He has been the leader in establishing the China Chapter of World Leisure Organisation. He has served in China National Tourism Administration and CITIC Securities Co.

Pierre Morin has been working in the field of recreation for the last thirty-five years, either as a director of sports, culture and community recreation for the City of Montreal or more recently as a consultant. He has been President of the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA), founding vice-president of the Association Québécoise du Loisir Municipal. He was a member of the Board and Organising Committee for the
2008 World Leisure Congress/Congrès Mondial du Loisir held in Quebec City .

Patrick Nanty is the Chairman and CEO of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, a national parastatal organisation which is responsible for the management of key heritage properties and which plays a predominant role in promoting cultural tourism in Seychelles. He has previously served as Permanent Secretary of a number of government ministries responsible for cultural, sports, youth and local government affairs and held membership of various national committees. He is a long-serving member of Seychelles Planning Authority and is also the current chairman of ‘Bannzil Kreol’, an international association that promotes Creole cultures in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean . He is the chairman of the ICOMOS branch of Seychelles, an international non-governmental organisation of professionals dedicated to the conservation of historic sites.

Henny Oldenhove has had an extensive background in the Australian sport and recreation industry including 18 years as a senior manager in the government sector at a national and state level. Henny has developed and implemented numerous national initiatives aimed at increasing participation in sport and physical activity for all sections of the community. She has a wide range of skills and experiences in leisure policy development, strategic planning and programme implementation and is currently assisting many sports and sports agencies in governance, management and development as a consultant. Henny also has a vast experience of international, national and local sport through her involvement as an Australian national Board member, State President, international delegate and as a coach, umpire and player.

Pang Xuequan is professor on Foreign Philosophy at the College of Humanities, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou , China . His research areas include Leisure Culture. He is a member of German International New Phenomenology Association and also a vice President of the National Modern Philosophy Association. Currently he is the Director of the Asian Pacific Centre for the training and study of Leisure, and the President of the Zhejiang Leisure Association, China.


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Visit the ChunCheon 2010 World Leisure Congress and Leisure Games trade show booth at the upcoming National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA) Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 13-16, 2009.


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