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8th World Congress On Active Ageing In August Of 2012 In The City Of Glasgow

“A celebration of diversity and inclusion in active ageing”

We are proud too invite you to participate in the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing in August of 2012 in the City of Glasgow, Scotland. Held every 4 years, this showcase event will take place over 5 days in the prestigious Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre adjacent to the historic River Clyde. It will present a unique opportunity to bring together scientists and practitioners, experts and enthusiasts from a range of professional interests and disciplines involved in the promotion of Active Ageing.

In the London Olympic Year of 2012 the Congress will be an event that will not only highlight the latest research evidence and best practice on physical activity and active ageing, but also highlight the needs of an often excluded but growing population group world-wide, the oldest old.


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