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Trabalho Científico Integrated Biomechanical Diagnostic Procedures In Athletes Training

Coh, M. (2009). Integrated biomechanical diagnostic procedures
           in athletes’ training (Integrierte biomechanische Diagnostik
           im Training von Sportlern). Homosporticus, 11 (1), 14-19.
           Zugriff am 10.08.2009 unter

       The sports results at the current level of development of
       technology and sport training methodology are a result of a
       planned, programmed and controlled process of sports training.
       This is an extremely complex process that has to have predefined
       goals, resources and training methods. Diagnostics based on new
       methods has a function of immense importance in the structure of
       modern sports training. The purpose of diagnostic procedures is
       gathering of relevant and objective parameters for the preparation
       of athletes. Biomechanical laboratories operate today based on the
       principle of integration and synchronization of diagnostic
       measuring instruments and methods. Interrelated systems enable us
       to conduct complex analyses of biomotoric capabilities and control
       of movement structures. Such a strategy of biomechanical research
       enables us to establish quantity and quality characteristics of
       the preparation of athletes. Based on data gathered in such a way,
       the best resources are selected, and a division into cycles and
       modeling of trainings is conducted. This paper includes some
       biomechanical diagnostic methods, including kinematics, dynamics,
       electromyography and isokinetics. All these methods have been
       successfully implemented in the process of training and
       diagnostics of athletes who achieved the best international sports
       results. (Mikrofiche-Nummer: 17305)


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