The Relationship Between Sports Employee Characteristics And Attitudes Toward Computer Technology

Por: Mei Hua Huang e Ming Hung Lin.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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With the growth of computer technology, in today’s sports organizations, it is now possible to utilize the power of a
larger mainframe computer to crunch numbers, analyze vast pools of data,, and even tactile feedback. Sports employees
should have a good feeling about computer technology in order to do better in their duties. The purpose of this study
was to investigate the relationship between sports employee characteristics and attitudes toward computer technology.

The Chinese version of Attitudes Toward Computer Technology (ACT) survey was used as the instrument in this study.
ACT had 11 items containing "usefulness" and 8 items containing "comfort/anxiety". The sample of 115 employees
from the National Council on Physical Fitness and Sport (NCPFS, Taiwan) was selected to participate in this study. A
total of 80 questionnaires were returned by the respondents, representing a 70 percent response rate. A t-test was used
to examine if there were significant differences between groups. The .05 level of significance was used.

The sports employees who responded to this survey showed positive attitudes toward computer technology. The results
indicated that there were no significant differences between males and females on attitudes toward computer
technology. A similar result was founded between staff and manager groups. However, a significant difference was
detected between older and younger groups (Table 1).

Discussion/ Conclusions
The following conclusions were based on the results: (1) Sports employees feel comfortable in using computer
technologies. (2) NCPFS should continue to provide and design various computer training programs. (3) Higher
education institutions should make every effort to integrate computer technology use in their programs in order to fit the
needs for students’ future careers.

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