The need for conscious emancipation of the phe and sports professional toward the healthy growth of sports in africa

Por: C. A. Ajibola e L. O. Ogunjimi.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The study was conducted to examine the need for a conscious emancipation of physical, health education and sports professionals in a bid to effect a healthy growth and development of sports in Africa.
Method: Fifty-three members of management staff of states’ sports ministries/councils were randomly selected from nineteen states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to serve as subjects of the study. A validated questionnaire was used as instrument of the study. Information collected from the subjects were descriptively analysed, using tables and percentage.


The study revealed that: there has never been conscious effort to really effect a healthy development and growth of sports in the states; majority (86.8%) of top management staff (decision makers) in charge of sports programmes are non- PHE/Sports Professionals; there is no established government policy on Sports development; while 92.5% of the subjects of the study confirmed that college/University graduates of physical and health education are never encouraged to take up employment with sports ministries (Federal and States). All the subjects of the study (100%) expressed support for giving the PHE/Sports professionals the opportunity to administer sports at both state and federal levels.


The study concluded that the appointment of PHE/Sports Professionals into positions in the sports ministries and councils (Federal and States) would go a long way in helping to sanitize the unwholesome situations prevalent in these places. There is therefore a need for these professionals to also wake up to their responsibilities by taking up appointment in the sports ministries in order to help move sports toward the right direction.


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