The comparison of wushu and olympic culture structure system-discussion of the modern social value of wushu

Por: Bai Tianyin.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Since the advent of Information era. the international exchange of culture is becoming much deeper and wider than ever. The culture of Physical Education is also the same, which therefore will break the format of the PE development which is based on the main stream-Olympic. Wushu is the outstanding cultural heritage of the mankind. As the excellent representitive of Oriental body culture, it must serve the health of the mankind well. The article, with the object of the humanistic background of Wushu and Olympic sports and the method of comparative analysis , begins with the structure system of Wushu and Olympic culture. and examines wholly the modern social value of Wushu.

The method of research

  1. The method of referring to the documents and datum
    To refer to the works concerned on Chinese and Western cultural history , comparative physical education and P.E. sociology, and research of Wushu culture and Olympic sports.
  2. The method of comparative analysis
    To compare and analyze according to the history of origin and development of Chinese and Western culture.
  3. The method of logical inference
    Infer and analyze according to the material in hand, and research the humanistic foundation of WuShu and Olympic sports, and construct the model of cultural structure system, then with the method of comparison examine the modern social value of Wushu.


As a kind of the phenomenon of culture ,sport promotes the development and progress. Both ancient and modem Olympic, similar to Wushu, starts with mankind and promote the harmony of body and mind. The differences between traditional value and mode of thinking determine their different forms of display. The fierce limbs behaviour of Olympic and thinking cannot meet the need of keeping fit.

Wushu is deeply rooted in the soil of traditional culture and offers morals’ psychological and physiological three-dimentional health development mode for modern people. It is attractive to many people, especially those who want to get rid of the stress form transformation of society. Washu and Olympic are the supplement and complement each other. However Wushu’s particular value and overall mode of thinking and the deep philosophy and human spirit have already
exceeded the category of sports, which has been applied into the cultivation and development of modern people morals and personality.


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