Research on the sports lottery administration of guangdong province and utilization of the returned fund

Por: Hongxiang Xu, Qiang Fu, Yuhua Gao, Zhengyu Zhu e Zongxiang Xu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The source of sports funds in China has changed from the government’s financial revenue to the funds collected in many ways. The returned fund of Chinese Sports Lottery has become a part of the national financial revenue and sports funds. Chinese Sport Lottery originated from Guangdong province(GD) and sales volume of Chinese Sport Lottery in GD is larger than any other province of China, therefore, making a research on Sports Lottery administration and utilization of the returned fund in GD can promote the development of Sport Lottery and sports itself in China.


The situation about Chinese sports lottery administration in GD province and utilization of the returned fund were studied by using the methods of documents searching, investigating , survey research, statistics and logic analysis.


1. The management and administration system of Sports lottery in GD is made up of three levels :The provincial Center, city branches and Sports lottery stores in all towns. . There are four types of Sports Lottery issued in GD.
2. From year 1994 to 2002 the whole sales volume in GD increased gradually. The cost for issuing lottery tickets makes up 20% of total cost, bonus makes up 45%-55% and returned funds take up 20%-30%. The returned funds is 23.9 hundred million Yuan, the taxes handed in is 4.78 hundred million Yuan. 65% of the returned funds was spent on carrying out《The Plan for Sports for All》, 35% was spent on carrying out《The Plan for Olympic Competition》.


The returned fund of Sports Lottery has become a part of Guangdong province’s financial revenue and an important source of the sports funds.
The development of Sports Lottery industry has increased employment rate and promoted development of the relevant industries .such as the industries of information, advertisement, print and sports equipment-manufacture etc.
3 A lot of people have been attracted to care for and take part in sports because of their investing in Sports Lottery. Sport Lottery has enriched people’s social culture life in GD.
4. Sports Lottery Law should be drafted and issued as soon as possible. The types of lottery should be enriched. The stores should be distributed properly and the staffs’ special quality should be improved by the method of training.


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