Research on the present situation and the strategies of the sports agent market in china

Por: Jianxiang Tan.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In recent twenty years, the economic system of China has averted from the long pursued planned one to the marketing one. In such a background, the sports administration system has also turned to be open. The appearance of professional sports such as football, basketball etc. in China has also brought about a conflict to the sports administration system, between the government monopoly over the professional sports industry and interference from non-governmental organizations, which has become one of the notable contradictions in the sports industry of China. The purpose of this study was to analyse their situation and provide the suggestions for their steady development.


The questionnaires were distributed to 40 sports intermediary organizations and 32 city government administration departments in China .Interviews were also carried out in this study.


The research showed that the intermediary and promotion activity of the professional sports is an market field increasingly in which social sports intermediary organizations and athletes’ representatives have taken the challenges to the government administration of the professional sports industry, they have played an important role in athletes’ agency, sports competitions promotion and so on in today’s sports in China. Such a contradiction between government and non-government organizations for the administration of the professional sports industry has seriously hindered its growth and development, which can be shown in the following aspects.
1. Confusion of order of the sports intermediary market due to the lack of laws and regulations.
2. Limitation on the scale of the intermediary and promotion activities in the professional sports industry under the government monopoly.
3. Waste of resources of the professional sports industry.
4. Illegal behaviors as bribery and corruption.

Discussion/ Conclusions

The situation of the intermediary and promotion activities in the professional sports is confusion and unsteady due to main obstruction factors such as government monopoly, lack of the laws and regulations and flaw of the intermediary organizations. The suggestions are put forward as below: Firstly, the laws and regulations for the administration of professional sports should be founded in order to protect the benefits of the non-government intermediary organizations. Secondly, the government monopoly over the professional sports industry should be abated step by step. Finally, development of the non-government sports intermediary organizations should be accelerated by foundation of their
own industry union.


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