Research On The Capsules Of Libido-bavachin To Improve Th Esports Sbc, Cps Abilities And Mte In Stt For Female Swimmers

Por: Chen Nansheng e Jiandi Lin.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Strengthening training (STT) is a kind of training model of the Chinese swimming team. On the basis of the study on
animal experiment by taking the mixture of Libido-Bavachin (L-B, have been reported in the relevant articles) , the aim
of this study was to investigate influence on the female swimming athletes’ sports serum biochemical (SBC) and the
changes of sports cognitive psychological (CPS) abilities and mental energy (MTE) after taking Libido-Bavachin in
STT. Maybe the Libido-Bavachin capsules will bring out the nice effect both in physical changes and psychological
changes in the condition of training model of STT.

Using the contrasting experimentation, 15 girls who had been drawn out from Chinese swimming team in random
sample were taken the capsules for 30 days. Then some sports physical functions indices and cognitive psychological
abilities indices and mental energy were tested. Compare with the difference of the three groups indices between the
before and after taking the mixture of Libido-Bavachin in STT. The sports physical functions indices include
hemoglobin (HB), blood total testosterone (TT), blood lactate (BLA), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), creatine kinase (CK).
The cognitive psychological ability include visual memory (VM), operation thinking (OT), time & space judgement
(TSJ) ability, synthetical reaction (SR) ability, spatial direction judgement (SDJ) ability, motion-sense time estimation
(MST). The mental energy was evaluated by achievement motive level (AML) and self-encourage level (SEL). The
average age of participants was 19.09±2.78. The testing data were counted by the statistic software SPSS.

After having taken the capsules for 30 days, it was found that the mixture of Libido-Bavachin could increase
hemoglobin (HB, p<0.01) and blood total testosterone level (TT, p<0.01) significantly, and reduce blood lactate (BLA)
significantly (p<0.05) in strengthening training (STT) and decrease blood urea nitrogen (BUN, p<0.05) and creatine
kinase (CK, p<0.01) notably the next morning after STT. In the meantime, the sports cognitive psychological abilities
also increased significantly. Especially visual memory (VM) and operation thinking (OT), time & space judgement
(TSJ) ability increased obviously (p<0.01). Synthetical reaction (SR) ability, spatial direction judgement (SDJ) ability,
motion-sense time estimation (MST) ability had also enhanced evidently (p<0.05) after STT. Mental energy testing
effect simultaneously reflected well too. Achievement motive level (AML) of young swimmers raised faster clearly
after STT (p<0.01). It was indicated self-encourage level (SEL) of participants also improved. Most players felt much
vigorous and gumptious yet. The results indicate that the capsules can increase sports physical functions and
psychological cognitive abilities or mental energy to stand high strengthening training, accelerate protein synthesize,
reduce protein destruction, and speed up the recovery of cognitive psychological abilities or mental energy. It was said
that the capsules of Libido-Bavachin mixture could activate sports physical function and psychological cognitive
abilities or mental energy and keep its situation.

Discussion / Conclusions
Libido-Bavachin is a kind of mixture of Chinese medicine. It is made up of kinds of Hongjingtian and aweto plant.
According to the Chinese medicine, it can enhance the function of kidney. The kidney function is much important to
body (including physical and psychological ) activeness in Chinese medicine theory. Some clinic research taken by
Chinese medicine had reported that the Hongjingtian and aweto plant contain a kind of substance to promote
adrenocorticotrophic hormone excreting in kidney. Because the girls had taken the mixture for a period of time, the level
of adrenocorticotrophic hormone should have enhanced in certain degree. For this reason, the physical and
psychological ability and mental energy (SCB,CPS,MTE) of these girls had increased obviously. Though it was in the
situation of STT, these girls also kept high physical power and mental vigour. The basis function of Libido-Bavachin is
activating function which it activate the kidney excreting ability safely and stably.

[1]Zhang Zhongqiu (2001) .Chinese Sports Science,08,31-32
[2].Mao Qiwei(2002),The transaction of Beijing Physical Education University, 04, 12-15.

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