Opinion about events promoted by fesporte and the general sport

Por: G. S. Souza, H. P. Freitas, J. Ghizoni, J. K. Otuki, L. C. Machado e .

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The appearance of sporting talents has been a growing one in the state of Santa Catarina. Many athletes that today are international prominences, in several modalities, began their competitive path in events accomplished in your municipal districts and later in state ambit. The importance of these events seems to be clear for the sports leaders, however, the absence of data that orientate the execution of the same ones, it still hinders the acceptance regarding the form that this being accomplished.


This descriptive study looked for information on the events promoted by the Catarinense Foundation of Sports - FESPORTE, tied entity the Clerkship of State of the Organization of the Leisure, of the Government of the Santa Catarina State, Brazil, forming one ranking of the three most important events e analyzing the point of view among municipal leaders, presidents of clubs and sporting associations, members of the press, political, representatives of higher education Institutions and other functions about this events. The data were collected during the regional encounters that they formed the 4th Forum Catarinense of Sport and Leisure, accomplished between the months of August and October of 2003, using a questionnaire containing 36 subjects of multiple choices. The sample was constituted 857 subjects of both sexes, from the local sport. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, being used SPSS version 11.


The results indicated that the three most principal competitions are the Open Games of Santa Catarina - JASC (35,6%), the Olympics State of Santa Catarina - OLESC (22,2%) and the Good Youngster of Ball - MOLEQUE (19,2%). In relation to JASC, 36,9% notices the competition as of high technical level, 55,3% agree with the amplification idea and 36,3% suggests that be disputed in 2 divisions. In relation to OLESC, 45,7% agree with the current model of dispute, however 44,9% would like to know the proposal of your junction better with other events. Result fellow creature was found with the MOLEQUE, where 56,7% would not change anything in the current format of dispute and they would like to know the proposal of your junction better with other events (44,9%).


In despite of the apparent success of many sporting events promoted in the Santa Catarina State, the data suggest that the involved professionals believe that the main competitions should suffer structural changes as form of continuing contributing to the revelation of great international talents. This data will serve as base for the readapting of the strategy for promotion of the referred events in future administrations.


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