From sars to risk management of emergent events for beijing 2008 olympic games

Por: Jie Dong e Xinli Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The Emergence of SARS in spring of 2003 effects many competitions of China, especially Women Football World Cup. It causes great attention on emergent events that Beijing 2008 Olympic Games maybe faced. In essence, the emergent events that the Olympic Games may faced is a kind of risk. So the risk management before the events happening is very important.
In this paper, we analyze the character of emergent events and the idea of risk management measures of them firstly. Secondly, based on many historic facts, we summarize nine kinds of emergent events that Olympic Games faced, such as war, terror activity, environment issue, drug, etc., and study the affects of them to Olympic Games. Thirdly, we discuss in detail the risk management measures that Beijing 2008 Olympic Games can adopted to deal with emergent events.


The study uses the methods of literature analysis, sample analysis, and comparison and etc.

Discussion / Conclusions

1. Emergent event is the event that emerges suddenly and cause large negative affect. We usually think it happens quickly and difficult to anticipation. However, it has some character. It can experience the process of latency and eruption. During the period of latency, the important part we can control is risk factor, which is the condition increase the frequency and loss of event. It includes visible risk factor and invisible risk factor. The later often has larger destroying power because of its covered form.
2. The process of emergent event eruption maybe caused by a very small event, but then it changed quickly. So the counter plan is necessary. We can only control non-system risk, and can’t deal with system risk. So emergent event can’t be avoided completely.
3. Emergent events that Olympic Games can faced include war, politics resist, terror activity, race issue, environment problem, drug, bribe, demos demonstrate, etc. Terror activity, environment problem and drug are high risk events we should attach importance to recently.
4. The risk management of emergent events that Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and future Olympic Games maybe face including the following steps: (1) Following the Olympic Charter’s spirit completely. It is the essential of risk management. All activities should base on it. (2) Safe management based on the thought of nip in the bud. Safe management of Olympic Games should identify risks in advance and adopt the measure of risk avoid and risk control to reduce the risk. (3) Insurance. The insurance of Olympic Games is aimed at income of OCOG, building of Olympic Games, property of OCOG, personnel about Olympic Games, civil obligation about Olympic Games, weather and natural disaster. (4) Constitute lash-up plan of meeting emergency. For emergent events having happened, we should constitute the plan detailed. Furthermore, we should imagine the events may happen and enhance inspection and presentiment, make decision-maker can wake up to it in time. (5) Setup management institution and train relevant personnel. The aim of management institution is to prevent the emergence event better, and increasing the making of person is the basic. (6) Ensure the communication channel smoothly. The measures include communicating the message on time and correct, selecting the appropriate time to announce,
5. ensuring someone to take charge it, communicating quickly the event which has large impact, make public understand the character of emergent events through the official channel and feel the sincerity and confidence of OCOG.


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