Emergence and protection of the olympic intellectual property rights

Por: Chi Zhang, Chunyan Zhang, Gaozhi Ou, Hou-fu Zhang e Xuan Zhang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Introduction :

Intellectual property rights are of people’s main concern in the intellectual economic society. Ever since the coaches’ imparting of special sports skills and wisdom, along with the athletes’ efforts in competition and performances, especially with the achievements in politics, economy, culture, science and technology, there emerged the science of sports intellectual property rights. The Olympic Movements advocate the sports participants use sports as carries to demonstrate their ideals and values in order to promote the overall development of the human beings and realize the world peace. The contents of sports intellectual property rights include the Olympic Charter (works) [1],the organization and activities of the Olympic Committee; the torch, oath, format, prize of the bid, hosting of the competition; the performances (works) of the world top competitive sports; tokens of the Olympic Games, electronic publication, relay rights of the Olympic Games, names, titles, emblems, banners, songs, mascots of the Olympic Games, scientific and technological innovations of the Olympic Games, sponsors’ rights and drug testing methods etc.. The International Olympic Committee and international society have undertaken great work in the protection of the Olympic intellectual property right, which, nevertheless is still far from enough. And the invasions of property rights have been frequently emerged in some countries. According to the authors, the contents of the Olympic Intellectual Property Rights [2] are far from enough. The nomenclature of the Olympic Games is still not perfect. The system of awarding the athletes while ignoring the coaches is not reasonable. Taking analeptic and over-commercialization go against the aims of the Olympic Games. Illegal practices are eroding the foundation of the Olympic Movements.

Discussion/ Conclusions

Though the Olympic intellectual property rights have embraced many contents, they are so far not under complete protection. Countries all over the world should reinforce the popularization of the Olympic Spirit, add contents to the Olympic Intellectual Property Rights Convention, draw up national laws, carry out the Olympic Intellectual Property Rights Contract and perfect protective mechanics of the Olympic organizations as well as strengthen supervision.


[1] The Olympic Charter, International Olympic Committee, The Olympic Press, Sept.11, 2000
[2] Nairobi Treaty on Protection of the Olympic Emblems, Sept.9, 1981



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