Chinese basketball market: present situation and developing potential

Por: Chengrun Hu, Fengmei Wang, Pengfei Yang e Yaojie Xu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Although 200 million basketball related population only account for 19% of the whole population [1], the developing potential of the whole Chinese basketball market still tremendous. With continue deepening of the professional market reform, it’s necessary for us to summarize the advantages and disadvantages retrospectively.


Review the present situation and tendency of the Chinese basketball market in resent years, analysis are made in following aspects:

  1. Competitive level of CBA league match;
  2. The number of audience, the rate of teleview, the income of entrance ticket and advertisement;
  3. Basketball related consumption and source of capital;
  4. Managing and supervisory organization.


Despite the professional Chinese basketball reform has made great efforts and obvious progress, problems that cumber market developing still exist:

  1. Lack of basketball superstars with wide international influence, which may decrease attraction of the league match.
  2. Little attention is paid on youngsters, who are the main consumption group of basketball market.
  3. Policies of market management are not perennial and perfect, also lack of communicates with press and media.
  4. Manage systems and relevant legal system are not comprehensive and cooperative.


Strategies for sustainable development of Chinese basketball market should be emphasized. A high percentage of sports-minded population, a thriving sports consumption, fine sports cultural environments, and good market operating mechanism for major international sporting events will convince a booming Chinese basketball market.


  1. Li Dunhou. (1999). Sports industry and economic development. Beijing. Inter data.



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