Change Of Physical Fitness And Body Composition In Judo Athletes During Competitive Period

Por: A. L. B Souza.

IX Congresso Internacional de Educação Física e Motricidade Humana XV Simpósio Paulista de Educação Física

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Judo is divided into weight categories and age and the objective of the athletes is to fight in their proper categories in your best shape and try to keep your weight within the category throughout the year. Thus, the aim of this study is to determine the variations in physical fitness and body composition in judo athletes in a competitive period. The sample consisted of 24 judokas of under-18 and under-21 (15 men and 9 women) of a High-Performance Team of São Paulo state of national and international level, training 5 times per week, 3 h/days. Physical fitness was determined by the Judo Fitness Test (JFT) in which the aim is to throw the maximum of times the other two athletes who are distant 6-m between them. The test is composed by three periods (15/30/30s with 10s interval between them) and at the end an index is calculated using the heart rate of final and after one minute, considering the total number of throw too (End FC + FC after 1 minute / total number of blows) The smaller value of the index to indicate better performance. Body composition was determined by densitometry of dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), analyzing the percentage of fat, lean mass, total mass and fat. Pared T-test was used for statistical analysis (P <0.05). There was no significant difference in the JFT index (13,4±1,31 vs 13,3±1,16), certainly, because the athletes moving 6-m to throw the other athletes and in training they do not performed that movement. The body mass has not changed (69,48±14,04 vs 68,63±12,85), there was an increase in lean body mass (54,95±11,59 vs 53±11,11) and reduction in the percentage of fat (20,72±7,31 vs 18,52±7,10). These results can be explained be fact that athletes had a nutritional monitored during that period where they had appointments every 15 days and by strength training have been appropriate. In conclusion, the judokas body composition can be changed during competitive period and the JFT was not changed. May be the JFT is not a test to discriminate changes of performance during competitive period in judokas.




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