Analysis on status quo and countermeasures of supply and demand for sports service product in china

Por: Chen Huimin.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Non-concrete attribute of sports service product requires the synchronism of consume and
Production, which make it lack of buffering mechanism. Therefore, it seems very important to study the demand and supply for sports service product, as well as maintain the equilibrium of supply and demand. In order to promote the growth of China sports industry, Based on supply and demand theory of tertiary industry, this paper analyzes the status quo of sports service product of supply and demand in China, and propose the countermeasures against existing issues.


This paper uses the following study methods: investigation, materialization, exemplification and criterion analysis.

At present, sports service product market is unbalanced at supply and demand, as follows: in terms of gross of supply and demand, the market is short of supply. At the aspects of the structure of supply and demand, there also exists unbalance .For example, the stadiums with high price and profit are more than those with low price and profit; The sports healing services for sub-healthy crowd are less than the bodybuilding services for the healthy publics; At the aspects of supply and demand time, supply and demand contradiction is more serious owing to the sports service un-synchronism on supply and demand. For example, there are full of people in stadiums at spare time, while there are less people at work time.


To keep the balance of demand and supply of sports service product, we put forward following countermeasures: in order to arise the supply of sports service product , the government should make full use of price mechanism and inspire private enterprise to join in sports industry ,restrict the over abundance of high-charge sports service enterprise, pay attention to guide sports service industry to serve for the mass; The manager should make forecast for service demand, subdivide market according to the purchasing customs and conduct of consumer ,orient the consumption colony of enterprise. The consumer should master the rule of demand and supply, buy service product at economic time. Besides, consumer should select various sports services to substitute for single service consumption.





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