A Study On The Fulfillment Of Wushu Culture Education Permeated With Olympic Spirit

Por: Zhiyu Guo.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The idea of combining sports, culture with education put forward by the pioneer of the modern the Olympic Games Pierre de coubertin is the essence of the worldwide sports events. Therefore, "humanistic Olympic Games" will be taken for one of important issues in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It is exactly the Year of Olympic Culture and Education. We think that it is necessary for us to begin with culture and education if we’d like to find the very point of Wushu being consistent with spirit of the Olympic Games and to realize the breakthrough of theory and practice.


This paper performs a study on the process of Chinese Wushu being from uncivilized to civilized by the method of historically caparison and points out that Wushu immerging into Olympic games a step of transcending high civilization and is a inexorable trend of history evolution.; this paper makes a further study on the common points between Wushu that is permeated Chinese traditional culture and the modern Olympic games from the view of culture; Basing on the idea of pedagogy,  this paper demonstrates the five points of culture education of Wushu techniques permeating into the Olympic games by the method of elements analyzing.


We observe the evolution of Wushu being civilized: material changes has taken place since the modern times and it hasn’t been complete Chinese style any longer. "Blending of Chinese and the west" is the new pattern of Wushu being civilized. Nowadays, Wushu has completed the process of becoming physical education and sports gradually, and the level of internationalization has been improving continuously with the Reforming and Opening, which is the new trend and character of Wushu being civilized in recent times. However it’s not enough to emphasize on the sports competition if Wushu wants to being integrated with the humane atmosphere of Olympics. The study thinks that People pay much attention to humanity, morality and rationality in ancient china, so the highest level of Wushu is "accomplishment of mind", that is from external practice to the distillation of internal essence. The distillation of internal essence is conducted by Wushu culture education. If there isn’t Wushu culture education, it is difficult to reach higher state. The first task of modern Wushu being civilized is to call for Olympic games culture education of Wushu. The results is: Chinese traditional ideas pursuit of harmony such as "the world flow into humanity", "being different under peace", "mean" have immerging into Wushu, which is perfect harmony with the Olympic games, and Wushu has owned ideological basis of being harmony with the Olympic Games. So we put forward "five transformation" centering on competitive Wushu routines technique. (1)Techniques getting ethical; (2) Techniques getting regular;(3) Technique getting high quality and difficult;(4) Techniques getting artistic;(5) Techniques getting theoretical.

Discussion/ Conclusions

The paper includes three pieces of important theories: firstly, the process of ancient and modern Wushu being civilized stays the stage of transcending, that is to say, from international Wushu sports up to Olympic Wushu  competition; secondly, the transcending contains special contents: techniques getting ethical, techniques getting regular, Technique getting high quality and difficult, techniques getting artistic, and techniques getting theoretical, and on the basis we can try to establish a basic theory sketch of Wushu Olympic culture education; thirdly, the breakthrough of competitive Wushu routines theory should make Olympic culture become the nature of society, be accepted by the society and be fixed as the consciousness and feelings of people taking part in the Olympic Games.


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